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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The first photos of the "Studio"

Hello everyone,

Welcome to those who have decided to follow this crazy blog. I now have 40 cool people!

Today is a great day. I've been working more on the studio and I thought I would show each of the areas one at a time. :)

This is the first area I want to show you. It's part of my sewing center.

The top part is the hutch from my desk. I always felt closed in with it on my desk and I wanted it off but thought I could use it somewhere else. Here we go.

On the very top is a pair of the locker shelves that I got for a steal when the school supplies went on sale after school started (want to guess the color...yup hot pink), on top of that are wooden letters I got at Michaels and they are attached to a piece of wood I had left from another project (it's painted white). This piece of wood spans the 2 shelves.

The white boxes are my "Scrap Saver System". It is based on Bonnie Hunter's system (see here). I will collect 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", and 6" Strips and squares. I will start with these boxes but may have to work to somewhere else as I go along because I haven't gotten to the fabric yet.

At the end of each of the piles of boxes are my "babies" riding their special rides. I love carousel animals and rocking horses. I got these years ago and they are special to me.

In the "hutch" are pieces that I have had around and some I "glammed" up for my sewing supplies. Pink and white are my main colors for my studio (eventually I will have the furniture in those colors - in time). They are more of the photo boxes (bought at several places), cookie tins, popcorn tins, hand made storage pieces (I'll go into more of these pieces in the future). The white box on the left is my "to take upstairs box", I have to have someplace like that because I can get a lot of stuff going and things get buried.

The base to this are 2 4-drawer chest of drawers. These were my great aunts and I am blessed to have them.
 I intend covering them with fabric using starch. Don't have the fabric yet but am on the look-out.

The set on the left have WIPs (Works In Progress). Right now they are full (more than one in most of the drawers) but hope they will start to empty. Was thinking that I have no idea what to put in them when they are empty.

The set on the right have my ribbon in them. I'm using pieces of foam core as the "spools". The large jar above them has the small pieces of ribbon. I'm still finding ribbon in my "stuff"

I will show the inside of the drawers in another post.

The iris drawers will hold my fat quarters and anything between 6" wide and 1/4 yard. Right now they are a bit empty but like I said I haven't gotten my fabric done yet. The basket on top was a Christmas gift from my son and his fiance and is holding (for the time being) my patterns for "crafty" items (anything that isn't clothing). I hope to use it for my pre-cut pieces (5" stacks, 2 1/2" stacks).

The little blue magazine rack in front of the dresser is going to be put under my desk for some "tall" supplies or just some supplies I use often but don't want to keep on the desk.

I've joined a pin cushion swap and have made a couple of pieces to send to some new friends and have received some really nice ones.  Want to see some?

Here you go:

The ones I made:

I've made 2 of these. You can get the pattern here.
This is a beaded basket. This is my own design.

Now these are the one's I've received so far:

So cute. I'm in love.
So beautiful. I love the tea cup so much.

That's the first of several (I hope) posts about my wonderful studio. I'm loving this place and love working in here. Keep coming back and you will see the room, one area at a time.

Talk to you later,



  1. Oh, how I love little boxes and places for everything!! (Not that you'd know it by looking at my space these days.) I love seeing all the pink, how fun. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I love your basket pin cushion and the little mouse. Can't wait to see the whole room.


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