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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Decorating for the Fall

Hello Everyone,

Well, the decorating is nearly done, I've got a couple things to get and put in the bathroom. It's sometimes hard to decorate (something I love to do), especially around the Barbies and Tonka trucks. Most of the decorating goes into the dining room and main bathroom. Thought you might like to see what I have done so far.

Here is the living room:

The arrangement I made a little over a week ago. This is on the entertainment system. I'm hoping to get some pieces of logs to add to this arrangement.

This is my Scarecrow couple. They are about 3 ft tall and I think they are cute (daughter thinks they are creepy).
 Here is my dining room all decked out:

The side board. I collect salt and pepper shakers, Can you tell?

From the other end of the side board.

The table center piece. This is the everyday placemats. I have some napkins that match the table cloth and a white lace table cloth that will go over this one for Thanksgiving day.
 Right now the only decoration I have in the main bathroom is my little apple basket scarecrow but I will be putting up my fall leaves in several places (photos will follow when I get them done but I have to climb to get them and I'm not up to climbing right now).
My little apple basket scarecrow. He's about 18" tall. Don't you love his little black cat?
So far my guess is you have figured out my favorite fall decorating item is scarecrows. Here is the set I have in the kitchen. The girl is an angel scarecrow. Love them.
Still not able to get the studio but am really praying I can get down there this weekend.

Talk to you later,

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