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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back to the Living!

Hello Everyone,

I know, I know, you are so very surprised to see a post from my blog because you had forgotten you were following me since I haven't made a post since July.

Let me get the health issues out of the way. I'm still having the headaches but they are fewer and less intense because of the botox shots. The dizziness and balance issues have gone away after a spinal tap. The tests for maniers turned out to be negative and they weren't sure what was causing the dizziness/balance issues and thought it might be that I was having spinal headaches, so a spinal tap was ordered. 48 hours after the test the dizziness was gone and I was stable on my feet. I haven't had any dizziness since. I've been driving and doing things on my own, what a relief. No one has figured out what happened and what caused it but I'm just glad it's over.

Now on to the fun stuff.

While hanging out in my room for the last few months I was able to work on a few things. All by hand and I have a few more pictures of some things I made (and received from the swaps I had joined).

Small crocheted bunny pin cushion

The Brick pin cushion (there are many appliqued flowers and leaves)
3 felt bunny pin cushions
 And as the recipient posted them on her blog:

Pretty bunnies

Crocheted musical note (the recipient is a music teacher)
And the one's I received (if I duplicate some from earlier posts forgive me it's been awhile since I did them).
This is a cool looking machine embroidered piece. I love it.

My pink it!

Love this one because it has my favorite color in my initial.

A bunny, yeah!
This was a small quilt swap. I did this all by hand. It was cool

The person who I sent this to wanted something spring and bright colors.

I had asked for pink and that was all. Little did she know I love carousels.
Amazing! And she sent the pattern and extra of the center fabric with it. So excited.
I have decided to make a hot pink and white Christmas tree in my studio. So I have made a few ornaments.

An online blog friend asked for some pattern testers and I joined in. This is my colors of her pattern. Love them.
So, I wasn't sitting around doing nothing but now that I can climb down the stairs, I have been back down in the studio. Since it has been a while since I have been in there it had become a dump of my stuff. First off the desk had to be cleaned off. I did a few other things but I have to save something for tomorrow. Come back and see if I did, LOL.

Talk to you later,

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  1. Well you were a busy girl. No rest for the weary so it seems.
    Take it easy and I hope you continue to improve


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